Roles & Responsibilities


  • Maintaining workplace safety.
  • Notifying the employee's supervisor of any work-related injury (work-related injuries, illnesses, or hearing loss) as soon as possible.
  • Obtaining medical care from an authorized medical provider.
  • Keeping records of dates of medical appointments, mileage, and expenses incurred in obtaining medical treatment.
  • Attending scheduled appointments related to the workers' compensation claim. Failure to attend scheduled appointments may cause subsequent work absences to be charged to the employee's sick leave, or as recorded as leave without pay as appropriate.
  • Providing the supervisor with a Work Status Report completed and signed by the authorized medical provider within one business day of the medical appointment.
  • Reviewing the information on the Work Status Report with the supervisor and confirming temporary work situations that may occur due to physician restrictions.
  • Follow physician-recommended restrictions at work and at all non-work activities.
  • Completing FROI online.


  • Arranging the initial medical appointment for the injured worker with Occupational Medicine. Occupational Medicine will request that the injured employee bring a copy of their job description and essential functions with them to their initial appointment when the work place injury involves repetitive motion, back injuries, strains or sprains. The physician needs this information to determine the need for work restrictions. If the position description (PIQ/PDQ) or essential functions are not available for the initial appointment, the supervisor should send the copies as soon as possible by fax (515-239-4767) to McFarland Occupational Medicine.
  • Completing the FROI online. An email will be sent to supervisors when an employee submits an incident. The supervisor can then reply with any comments or concerns.
  • Updating the employee's work status (e.g., lost work time, return to work restrictions, inability to accommodate restrictions).
  • Completing the Lost/Restricted Time report and submitting it to UHR weekly. An email will be sent to supervisors every seven days reminding them to report any lost or restricted time for their employees with work injuries/illnesses.
  • Determining if the provisions of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) apply. Questions concerning FMLA should be directed to the Employee and Labor Relations office at or 515-294-8917.
  • Informing the injured/ill employee that they must bring Work Status Report form to you, in person if physically possible, within one business day for each medical visit (physician, specialist or physician's assistant). Reviewing the employee's Work Status Report (WSR), comparing any restrictions with the employee's daily work duties. (Work Status Reports will be given by the physician to the employee.) Whenever possible, we ask you temporarily accommodate healing period restrictions with modified duty work even if it is for only a partial day. The employee will confirm temporary job situations with the supervisor before returning to work. Employees who do not submit a WSR after a scheduled physician appointment should not be allowed to work until you have received the most up to date form and its critical return to work information.

Departmental Contact

  • Reviewing FROI and ensuring that the necessary parties within the department/unit are notified of the incident.
  • Serves as point of contact for new supervisors or individuals new to the process for questions regarding filing the FROI and tracking lost and restricted time.