Medical Treatment

Off-Campus Medical Treatment

  • Life-threatening injuries require immediate medical attention. Call an ambulance by dialing 911 and notify the employee's supervisor as soon as possible if they are not already aware of the situation.
  • Non-life-threatening injuries or illnesses should be reported to the employee's supervisor who will arrange medical care with:
    Occupational Medicine, McFarland Clinic, P.C.
1215 Duff Avenue Ames, IA 50010
    For appointments call: 515-239-4496
  • Occupational Medicine, McFarland Clinic, P.C. will coordinate treatment and refer to an appropriate specialist for additional care, if necessary.
  • After-hours treatment or emergencies will be seen at the Mary Greeley Medical Center. Please notify medical staff when treatment is due to workplace injury or illness so they can initiate the proper paperwork.
  • If a potential work-related situation occurs after normal working hours, contact the After Hour New Report Call Center (1-866-222-8768). This is a toll-free number.
  • ISU employees who live and work outside of the Ames area should refer to the Workers' Compensation Provider List for the treatment of work-related injuries.

On-Campus First Aid Treatment (Ames, IA Location)

ISU Occupational Medicine treats work-related minor injuries or conditions requiring first aid only. ISU Occupational Medicine is located in the Technical and Administrative Services Facility.

The Student Health Services Center is available to student employees for treatment of personal injuries requiring first aid only.

Making an Appointment

Supervisors must schedule the first/initial physician appointment. When calling to make an appointment, be sure to indicate that the injury is believed to be work-related and the employer is Iowa State University. When arranging an initial appointment for an employee with a workplace injury specific to repetitive motion, back injuries or strains and sprains, the supervisor will give the employee a copy of his/her position description (PD and/or the Essential Functions document) and instruct him/her to take this to the appointment and give to the treating physician. If the injured employee does not have a position description (PD) available for the initial appointment, the supervisor will need to follow-up and provide it by mail or fax (515-239-4767) to Occupational Medicine McFarland Clinic, P.C. as soon as possible.

Personal Physician Treatment

Employees who choose to be treated by any unauthorized treatment centers and/or physicians may not qualify for any workers' compensation benefits and may be responsible for all medical costs related to the incident. This is in accordance with state law. If an employee is dissatisfied with the care offered, the employee should discuss the problem with University Human Resources at 515-294-8917.

Prescription Procedures

Sedgwick CMS has contracted with Express Scripts for filling medications relating to workers' compensation injuries. A letter with a card will be sent to an injured employee within 24 hours of receipt of a First Report of Injury (FROI) by Sedgwick CMS. The card should be presented to the pharmacy filling the prescription so the pharmacist can gain online access to information regarding that employee's eligibility for workers' compensation benefits. The employee will have the right to select any pharmacy to fill his or her prescriptions; however, the letter will contain a list of participating pharmacy chains. If the employee chooses to go to a pharmacy outside of the network, he or she will have to pay for the prescription and submit the receipts to Sedgwick CMS for reimbursement using the Mileage/Prescription Reimbursement Form.

If an employee needs to fill a prescription prior to receiving a prescription card (i.e., following an initial medical appointment), they may let the pharmacy know it is a workers' compensation claim and handled by Express Scripts. The pharmacy can call Express Scripts (1-888-786-9640) to receive authorization.

If problems occur, please call ISU University Human Resources at 515-294-8917.