Workers' Compensation

University Human Resources (UHR) is the ISU contact for workers' compensation issues. UHR will answer workers' compensation questions, assist departments with appropriate and timely return to work for employees with physician restrictions and assist with questions concerning payroll reporting for employees receiving workers’ compensation benefits. They can be reached at 515-294-8917 or

ISU Incident Portal - First Report of Injury

User Guide for Reporting an Incident

Note: This can be done by you or your supervisor. If you complete the FROI, your supervisor will receive an email notifying them about the incident.


General Information

Workers’ compensation definition, Benefits provided, Claim services responsibilities, Reporting a work-related accident injury or illness, Claim status, Medical bill reimbursement, Accident investigation

Roles & Responsibilities

Employee, Manager/Supervisor, Departmental Contact

Workers' Compensation Forms

Benefit Election P-28, Mileage/Prescription expense reimbursement, Work status report, Accident investigation

Medical Treatment

Off-campus medical treatment, On-campus first aid treatment, Making an appointment, Personal physician treatment, Physical therapy, Prescription procedures, Reoccurring symptoms from an injury

Modified Duty/Return to Work Restrictions

Required documentation, Modified duty, Permanent and temporary work restrictions, Refusal of modified work duty, Maximum medical improvement (MMI)

Wage Payment Information

General information, Pay for missed work time, Payment amount, Supplementing personal leave, Use of personal leave to attend physician appointments, Length of workers’ compensation benefits

University-Provided Benefits

Continuation of benefits while on workers’ compensation leave, Payment of regent institution's share of employee health insurance, Family medical leave, Long-term disability, Coordination of benefits, Medical leave without pay, Payment of ISU's share of employee health plan insurance